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Environmentally Harmful Substances
Toys and Hardline Division
Testing&Certificationg of Electric
Food lifting Material Testing
Reliability testing
Textiles,leather shoes &Detection
Internationnal Certification Division
Mechanical Products Division
Scope of product cert.
UN38.3 Test
MSDS safety assessment of chemical materials
VOC detection
Other Products Division
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RTS-Ropefeir Testing services Laboratories Corp. is headquartered in- Shenzhen, China. RTS is a comp-rehensive, professional and na--tionwide nongovernment organza-tion that provides testing, inspe-ction, audit and certification ser-vices to the consumer products industry. The RTS Quality Assurance structure ensures that all activities and functions are directed toward effectively and efficiently satisfying the requirements of our clients.

RTS is qualified with CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) and CMA (China Metrology Accreditation Board) certifications, and approved by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). All these organizations participated in International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation and have signed mutually recognized agreement. RTS establishes its labs according to ISO/IEC 17025 and?audit service to ISO 17020 standards. RTS believes that consistency and reliability are achieved through systematic internal quality.

Fundamental to RTS’s business is the strong commitment to the continuous improvement of our operations. RTS has labs in Shenzhen, Shanghai, etc。 Adhering to the spirit of serving enterprise, RTS has more than 20 branches all over China and administrative office locations throughout China.

Honest, fair, strict and dependent RTS obtained good praised from widely customers with advanced testing equipment, excellent working environment, a group experienced talents in inspection, testing and validation, kind, considerate, careful and fast professional service.

To react to WEEE & RoHS, RTS, a member of China Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision Working Group Test Methods of Hazardous Substances and China Ministry of Information Industry Working Group of Pollution Prevention Standard of Electric Information Product, gathers domestic and international industry, academy, research enterprises, carries out research and revision of related standards, especially basic standard industries urgently need such as materials, techniques, technical terms and test method. Research and set up prevention standard system for electric and electrical devices in accordance with national regulations and China's conditions, server and reward the society better.
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