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MSDS safety assessment of chemical materials

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) that the safety data sheet can also be translated as Material Safety Data Sheet or Material Safety Data description, mainly includes physical and chemical parameters, dangerous substances, hazardous properties, toxicity parameters, access restrictions, health and the environment hazard.
In EU countries, MSDS is also called SDS (Safety Data Sheet). MSDS international standard organization 11014 uses SDS terms. In Canada, the US, Australia, people call it MSDS.
MSDS is a lawful document that when selling chemicals, the seller need to provide to the buyer, about the safety property of the products sold. It provides physical parameter, explosive parameter, harmfulness to health, storage, emergency action and up to 16 items. International Programme on Chemical Safety has compiled something called International Chemical SAFETY Card (ICSC), which is similar to the MSDS document. ICSC generally discusses the health and safety information that the chemicals have do to with. Nowadays, there are ICSC about more than 1300 substances, and in 13 languages. However, ICSC is non-govermental, could not replace the currently in circulation MSDS.

Position of MSDS in international trade
European and American countries have strict regulations towards working environment, retailers and distributors need MSDS all the time.
According to laws, some customers want to have MSDS satisfying local laws. In the western countries, some big companies have special department for MSDS related verification. Being verified is a prerequisite for the final deal.

Compilation of MSDS of high quality
Both the physical and chemical tests are expensive for companies. If the chemical is adulterated, or with by-reaction, it would be hard for the compiler to make appropriate MSDS. If the supplier made a wrong MSDS, or hide something deliberately, causing casualty or environmental pollution, the MSDS supplier must take responsibility for all the consequences.
Compilation of MSDS is subjected to the customer willing and western laws. Different countries have different laws, for example, the United States. MSDS also need updating, for example ACGIH updates every year for new limitations, NTP updates every two years for new carcinogenic material. All these add complexity to compilation of MSDS.

The risks some companies facing when compiling MSDS
At present, many domestic chemical production enterprises have mainly two methods to prepare MSDS: First, big companies copy similar foreign websites. Another way is to buy some samples from abroad, so that we can get the MSDS. (In fact, even without purchasing, some foreign companies will provide their product MSDS). There may be two problems within the first method: First, similar to the chemical toxicity data (LD50) may vary greatly on human health and the environment are not the same; Second, if the online MSDS was released a few years ago, then the corresponding data or regulation is likely to have been updated. The second method does have the problem, but if your products are mixtures, in general, it is hard to find the exact product from foreign companies. If we can find the product, the seller of products may not meet the legal provisions of the country of the buyer.

MSDS on the role on company exports
In international trade, MSDS reflects quality of a company strength, image and management. It is an important symbol of high quality chemical products with high quality MSDS, and the chemicals are bound to increase more business opportunities. With the assistance of an international expert for compilation of MSDS, the high standard of MSDS is the key to success in trade. Compared with the profit of business, compiling MSDS is of relative cheap cost.
In order to promote China chemical products to entry international chemical market, increase the international competitiveness of domestic chemical exports of chemicals, to improve brand and product specifications to healthy competition,RTS TEST MSDS compilation appreciates your business.

EU commission directive 2001/58/EC regulation safety instruction content
Chemical Name Ingredient/Composition Info Hazardous Info
Emergency rescue Fire Extinguisher Emergency Leak Treatment
Operation treatment and storage Contact control/Individual protection Physical Property
Stability and activity Toxicity material Biology Information
Waste management Transportation Info Law Information

With the new EU chemicals REACH policy entered into force in 2007, it is expected in the next few years, preparation on reasonable description of the requirements of security technology will be more intense. Hazardous chemicals, substances, preparations and substances for downstream users should be prepared by a professional organization of security technology specifications. Safety Data Sheet have an important role, including chemicals, dyes, accessories, cosmetics manufacturers, as well as the normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use of chemical products, such as hair spray and printer ink cartridges manufacturers.
RTS TEST can make safety instructions under the European Commission directive 2001/58/EC for safety data sheets. If your product requires safety technical specifications, please contact us. We appreciate your business.

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