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EU notified WTO of Draft Regulation ame...  [2013-9-3 17:49:48]
Norway prohibits PFOA in consumer produ...  [2013-9-3 17:48:45]
EU member states agree cadmium and merc...  [2013-9-3 17:47:41]
ECHA updates SVHC Candidate list with s...  [2013-9-3 17:45:57]
France intends to propose REACH restric...  [2013-5-21 18:32:03]
Öko Institut published final repor...  [2013-5-11 0:50:33]
Statistical overview of the use of chem...  [2013-4-11 14:44:23]
China plans to reduce mercury content o...  [2013-4-11 14:41:58]
EU calls for input on ‘conflict minera...  [2013-4-11 14:40:24]
Proposals for the guideline on the asse...  [2013-4-11 14:39:26]
EU published draft regulation amending ...  [2013-9-3 17:53:45]
Norway targets electronics with new was...  [2013-9-3 17:52:44]
ECHA consults on inclusion of new subst...  [2013-9-3 17:51:27]
EU proposed to list an additional chemi...  [2013-5-21 18:35:53]
Five SVHC proposals would be panned thi...  [2013-4-11 14:33:17]
EU updates REACH fee regulation  [2013-4-11 14:32:03]
ECHA launches a public consultation on ...  [2013-4-11 14:31:03]
ECHA launches a public consultation on ...  [2013-4-11 14:29:51]
ECHA launched public consultation on a ...  [2013-4-11 14:28:38]


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