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China plans to reduce mercury content of fluoescent lamp
Published :2013-4-11 14:41:58   Views :1852
    The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Environmental Protection of China has jointly published a roadmap to reduce mercury content in fluorescent lamps.

Fluorescent lamps is widely used as energy-saving lighting source which involve small mercury vapor in the lamps to ensure regular work of the lamps. Mercury is toxic and harmful heavy metal and it is difficult to effectively recycle waste fluorescent lamps. Mercury leakage will pollute the environment and threaten human health.

China is one of the largest producers and exporters of fluorescent lamps and faces huge pressure. In the published roadmap, China plans to halve mercury discharges from fluorescent lamp production processes by the end of 2014 and progressively reduce the average mercury content in fluorescent lamps by 80%, both compared to 2010.

More information:http://www.miit.gov.cn/n11293472/n11293832/n12845605/n13916898/n15219399.files/n15219357

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