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Textiles, leather shoes & Detection 
RTS textiles & leather shoes & laboratory through ILAC-MRA agreement, has been the world's more than 40 mutual recognition of national laboratories, including the United States, Japan, Canada, Brazil and the EU member states, and so on.

RTS textiles & leather shoes & laboratory according to industry standards, rules and customer demand for products, raw materials and accessories provide a full range of testing services to help customers minimize risk and protect trade producers and consumers the interests of both sides.  RTS textiles & leather shoes & laboratory testing services in their professional has won many well-known brands, retailers and buyers recognition.  In addition to testing and inspection services, we also offer various training services, including organizing various seminars and technical standards related products, textiles & basic knowledge of shoes & leather, textiles & leather shoes labels & seminars, and customers to share their latest The technical standards and testing information.

Detection of textiles
As consumers of green awareness of environmental protection and health and safety of the continuous improvement, more and more customers asked for environmental and health safety requirements for products, in particular with the skin or direct contact with the oral products, such as underwear, clothing, towels, bedding , Footwear and other health supplies.  Europe and the United States around the world including both developed and developing countries to develop such products to stringent national standards and local standards!
RTS .RTS with professional and technical personnel and laboratory equipment, the product testing, certification and advisory services for different types of products, the country of export, and customer demand for our customers to provide comprehensive, high quality "one-stop services."

TESTING ITEMS Textile testing services TESTING ITEMS 
■ fiber and other components of test

■ down product testing 
■ organizational structure of 
■ clothing test ingredients (zippers, buttons, etc. 
■ color fastness test

■ leather product testing

■ size and stability of the test

■ filled with cotton test

■ strong test

■ Performance Test

■ combustion test

■ environmental testing textiles

■ other tests

PRODUCT Testing the scope of textile products TESTING PRODUCT 
■ fiber and yarn 
■ fabric fabric

■ feather products

■ clothing 
■ sunscreen clothes 
■ functional clothes

■ clothing accessories

■ leather 
■ footwear 
■ other tests

■ International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

■ China:

Chinese National Standards (GB) 
People's Republic of China National Textile Industry Standard (FZ) 
People's Republic of China national industry standards (QB) 
■ United States:

State chemists and textile dyes Association (AATCC) 
American Association of Testing and Materials (ASTM)

American National Standards Institute (NIST) 
■ Europe: the European Standards Institute (EN)

■ Australia: Australian Standards Association (AS)

■ Germany: German Standards Institute (DIN)

■ Japan: Japanese Industry Association (JIS) 
■ Britain: British Standards Institution (BS)

Material composition analysis
RTS specific provision of the material composition of the following items

No. Test program Test equipment
1 Sample surface, cross-section morphology, coating thickness, porosity, and other performance analysis SEM
2 Analysis of trace constituents SIMS
3  Analysis of samples of  X-ray diffraction
4  Stress Analysis of the surface  X-ray diffraction
5 Samples component analysis (such as metal materials in the metal element analysis) SEM + spectrum Qualitative
6  Surface composition and chemical-analysis  X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy + Auger spectroscopy
7 Analysis of organic matter  Infrared Spectrometer
8  Samples color, color Integral ball spectrophotometer
9 Samples roughness, coating thickness  Profiler
10 Samples coating thickness, qualitative composition analysis X-ray fluorescence gage
11  Samples of the polarization, the CV curve, impedance spectroscopy Electrochemical Testing System
12 Sampling  
13 Non-ferrous metals and alloys of the organization Metallurgical Microscope
14 Ferrous metals, stainless steel of the organization Metallurgical Microscope
15 Steel in the determination of non-metallic inclusions Metallurgical Microscope
16 Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel the determination of the actual grain size Metallurgical Microscope
17  Carburizing steel layer, decarbonization layer, the layer of nitride, hardened depth measurements  Metallurgical Microscope
18 Cast iron, graphite size, grade and shape of the ball in Metallurgical Microscope
19 Thickness Metallurgical Microscope
20 Printed Circuit Board observed slice Metallurgical Microscope
21 Salt spray test Salt spray test machine
22 Soft materials, film (or coating, thin coating) material and the combination of the basement, acts of friction and wear (10 μ N ~ 1N) Nano-scratch -
23  Micron, nanometer-scale three-dimensional observation of the surface topography Atomic force microscope
24 Tu coating combination of determination (1 N-200N)  Scratch-large load
25  Vickers hardness of (1 N-200N) Scratch-large load
26  Microhardness determination (10 g-100g) Microhardness of
27 Friction and Wear Friction and wear testing machine


CE certification machinery products 
According to EU directives (MD) of the regulations, all in Europe in the use of the body, whether country, as long as it is sold in the European institutions, must comply with the relevant European standards, but also in the local bodies to be pasted on the CE mark , Has indicated that this body meet the safety standards before the sale and use in Europe.

RTS CE certification bodies in the start of the project:

1. All kinds of machine tools
Punch, lathes, milling machines, boring machine, grinder, broaching machine ......
2. Rubber and plastic bodies 
Injection molding machines, blow molding machines, extrusion machines, compression and die-casting, Qieli Ji-mouth, grinding machine, the reaction of the molding machine ......
3. Carpentry agencies
Wood sawing machine, circular saw film as much as wood processing machines, wood planing machine, wood-tenon work ......
4. Packaging Machinery
Packaging machine, sealing machine, loaded and unloaded pallets of disc machines, containers packaging machine ......
5. Presses and paper machine 
Printing presses, paper machine ......
6. Food agencies
Pastries and cakes manufacturing machines, blenders, slicing machine ...... 
7. Leather machinery
Reciprocating roll machine, Xiemo Press ......
8. Agriculture, forestry machinery 
Pre-loaders, pruning shear, unloading machine, mower, electric hoe, tractors, mechanical soil soil preparation, fertilization of ......
9. Construction Machinery
System block machinery, sliding and wheel machines, book production of concrete products and construction machinery Portland ......
10. Engineering machinery
Excavators, bulldozers, cranes, cranes, piling machinery, dump machine, LHD ......
11. Machine Tools
Hand-held power tools: all kinds of saws (band saw, disk saws, etc.), various types of hammer (hammer, chisel hammer, riveting hammer, etc.), wrenches, grinding machines, grinding machines, spray gun, a round knife, Ding Ding - , Trimming machine, drilling rig ...... 
12. Machinery for household and similar purposes
Commercial and industrial floor with automatic machines, commercial electric kitchen machinery ......
13. Other machinery
Five of the machinery, EDM machines, laser processing machines, industrial trucks, industrial washing machines, long descending platform ...... 

CE certification for industrial machinery basic technical data:
1. The company name, trademark, address, representative
2. The product name, model 
3. Differences in data series
4. Series main function described
5. Mechanical specifications 
6. Nameplate machinery
7. Machinery box (system) plans and functional plans
8. Explanation of the essential parts of machinery
9. Machinery explosion map 
10. Machinery size of the map
11. Machinery installation / operating room / operators Location
12. Machinery safety devices that 
13. Security-related components / data structure
Transformer, controller / converter, power isolation switch, emergency stop devices, limit switches, circuit breakers, fuses, electromagnetic switches, relays, contacts, the indicator light, such as safety valve.
14. Circuit / electrical components (if the same family share a number of models are requested to indicate their differences circuit) 
15. Hydraulic back to Our plans / hydraulic components (the absence of this structure does not consider this)
16. Pneumatic circuit diagram / pneumatic components (the absence of this structure does not consider this)
17. Manual
18. Calculations related to
19.ISO 9001 copy of the certificate

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