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The Australia's energy efficiency certificate (MEPS)
1 December, 2008 (Australia), April 1, 2009 (New Zealand) Ha ha Ha ha into the future, all the above regions or in the AC-AC and AC-DC external power supply.

Contained in the band and no-load state to meet minimum energy efficiency standards (MEPS).

(Note: Prior to the implementation date in the above power production is still allowed to continue sales)

Applicable products:

External Power External Power Supply (EPS), AC-AC or AC-DC, input voltage contains 230VAC, single output but also in extra-low voltage (ELV: 50VAC or 60VDC) range, the output does not exceed 250W or 250VA.

Electrical and electronic products, energy consumption performance of more and more attention to general consumers all over the world with a power consumption of electronic products do certification requirements. EST Certification Center recently launched the Australian market for certification of the MEPS. The Australian Government's energy requirements, including energy consumption labels and the most low-power standards (MEPS) in two ways.

All sales in Australia the following electronic products, sales must be mandatory for labels attached to energy consumption:
* Refrigerator with ice-making machine
* Washing machine
* Dryer
* Dishwasher
* Air conditioning (single phase mandatory, three phase voluntary)
The following products need the most energy in accordance with the standards (MEPS) of the basis for management and control - which provides most of their low power levels:
* Refrigerator with ice-making machine (1 October, 1999 since the implementation of the amendment in January 1, 2005)
* The main pressure storage type electric water heater (1 October, 1999 from the Executive)
* Small main pressure storage type electric water heaters (<80L) and low-voltage hot-swap-style (1 October, 2005 from the Executive) (the reference limit of AGO and testing methods)
* Three-phase motors (0.73 kilowatts to <185 kW) (1 October, 2001 since the implementation of the amendment in April 2006)
* Single-phase air-conditioning (1 October, 2004 since the implementation of, respectively, in 2006,2007 and amended April 1, 2008)
* Cooling power of 65 kW three-phase air-conditioning (1 October, 2001 since the implementation of the amendment in October 1, 2007)
* Straight tube fluorescent lamp ballasts (from 1 March 2003). Note In addition to MEPS, the ballast also need an indication of the performance index (EEI).
* Straight tube fluorescent lamps - contain 550 to 1500 mm and greater than 16 watts of lighting power (1 October, 2004 from the Executive)
* Distribution Transformer - 11 kV and 22 kV level of security for the 10 thousand to 2.5 MVA (1 October, 2004 from the Executive)
* Commercial refrigerator (self-style and remote control system) (1 October, 2004 from the Executive)
Although the following products has not been included in the mandatory managed directory, but the near future must also be consistent with energy consumption norms and access to certification, including the implementation date of some products have been identified
* External power supply (1 October, 2008 from the Executive);
* Set-top box (1 October, 2008 from the Executive);
* TV;
* Home entertainment devices: (audio and video equipment) (1 October, 2008 from the Executive);
* Hot and cold water dispenser;
* Vending machines;
* Commercial ice-making machine;
* Lamp Series


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