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FCC certification introduces
FCC certification is again called as American federal communication certification, FCC ( Federal Communications Commission ) is American federal communication committee) in 1934 from COMMUNICATIONACT establishment is a independent organization of American government, directly take the responsibility for Congress. FCC coordinates the communication of home and world through controling radio broadcast, television, telecommunications, satellite and cable. Is concerned with the American state, Colombia as well as America more than fifty the area attached, to ensure the radio concerning life property and the safety of wire communication product, the project technical department of FCC ( Office of Engineering and Technology ) take the responsibility for the tech support of committee , at the same time take the responsibility for equipment to approve the general affairs of aspect. A lot of radio application product, communication product and digital product will enter American market, ask FCC approve. FCC committee investigates and studies every stage of product safety in order to find out the best method of solving problem , at the same time, FCC also includes the detection of radio installation and aerial ware and so on.
According to the American stipulation in federal communication regulations related part ( CFR47 part ), the electronic kind of product that enters America all need to carry out electromagnetism compatible certification ( some products that stipulates especially concerning term is excepted ) , more common certification way has 3 kinds: Certification DoC Verification. The optional certification way of product of this 3 kinds of product that certification way and program have greater discrepancy and difference has related stipulation in FCC. The strictly level successively decrease of its certification. According to this 3 kinds of certification, FCC committee also has related requirement for each lab. Now America already continuous few harvests is the second trading partner of our country, Sino-U.S. trading business volume submit year by year uptrend, therefore for beautiful export, do not allow Xiao Qu. Import regulations and the product technical standard of America strict can weigh world first, know America market access rule will help the product of our country open American market further.
Federal communication committee( FCC )---- management import and use radio frequency installation, include computer, facsimile apparatus, electronic installation and radio to take over and transmit equipment, the radio toy of remote control, telephone and personal computer as well as is other and possible to hurt the product of personal safety. These products go to America if thinking of export, the approval and detection that must go on through the laboratory that authorizes by government according to FCC technical standard. It accords with FCC standard that importer and Customs agent will report every radio frequency installation, FCC permit.
FCC Certificate Kind Mainly aimed at products Authentication
FCC VERIFICATION self-certification
AV products, a telephone,
Common household appliances, business PC, the FCC Rule Part 18 of the consumers at large non-industrial use, scientific and medical equipment;
The manufacturer or importer to ensure that their products are approved by the FCC for the necessary laboratory testing,to confirm that the products comply with the relevant technical standards and retain detection, FCC the power to require manufacturers to submit samples of equipment or product test data;
FCC DOC Declaration of Conformity
Home computers and peripherals,
Civil radio receiver,
FCC Rule Part 15 of the other receivers,
TV Interface Devices,
Cable system terminal equipment and Part 18 of mass consumer use of industrial, scientific and medical equipment;
Equipment responsible party (usually the manufacturer or importer) of the FCC designated qualified testing agencies to products for testing to ensure that facilities are in compliance with the relevant technical standards and retain detection,FCC to submit a request for equipment or product samples to the testing data, Products pass the test after test and DOC report, the manufacturers will be on products with labels FCC signs sale in the U.S. market;
Low transmitters such as cordless phones, automatic doors of the remote control, radio-controlled toys and security alarm systems,
Part 15 of the deliberate launch of radio frequency energy equipment,
Part 18 of mass consumer use of industrial, scientific and medical equipment, Automatic frequency receivers and Chaozaisheng receiver, TV interface devices, and home computers and peripherals;
FCC products have passed the tests recognized by the completion of testing room, tests to the report, collate information technology products, including : Product details photographs, block diagram, the user manual. with the test report sent to the FCC TCB testing room. FCC TCB testing room to confirm that all the information is correct, and awarded a certificate authorizing an FCC ID number;
The first application for FCC CERTIFICATION customers, FCC to be the first to apply to No. 1-GRANTEE CODE. Products through testing and certification, product tagging FCC ID number, can be sold to the American market



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